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Our Story

Best friends since we were teenagers, we have been forging through life’s struggles and adventures. Marriages, divorces, more marriages, kids and businesses. It has never been boring. We have a circle of friends that make us laugh and are some of the best people we know. Our husbands don’t really know what to do with us. We are just a little crazy.

We sat down one day brainstorming to find something we were passionate about that we could create a business around. One thing we and our friends love are SOCKS! Yes socks! Super soft, high quality, non calf-squeezing, funny sayings SOCKS! Some of us have jobs where you can’t show up in crazy colorful cat socks. So the hunt was on for everyone in our circle to find socks we could gift each other, would express how we felt at any given moment and we could still wear to work or wear as we ran around town.

Not an easy we started Hidden Comments. A novelty sock company selling Black Bamboo High Quality Socks with sayings you can choose to show or hide and you can definitely wear to work without HR taking note of dress code violations. This is our adventure. We want you to join us!

Christie & Kirsten