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What is the perfect sock?

Is it possible to have the perfect sock?

Not one that is perfect for everyone, probably not one perfect for every occasion.

I have been in search of the perfect sock.  I want it to be soft.  I want it to be funny or fit my mood. 

I want my sock to show my personality, but only when I want it to.

My feet get cold.  I love socks. I love socks that express something and yet that is not always appropriate.  I wear black pants and loafers to work.  I need a sock I can wear to the office during the week AND run around in on the weekends.   

My friends/coworkers and I are constantly giving each other funny socks.  It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.  The problem is finding a novelty sock that is funny and perfectly matches your friend’s personality but is also usable.  The purple and yellow striped sock with a pattern repeating “butthead” has limited functionality.

We all ended up with a drawer full of funny, LMAO socks with so many colors and designs we can only wear them on the weekends.  So, began the search for black socks with sayings.  In only a month we had purchased all there were to offer. Then we moved onto black socks with minimal designs that didn’t show too much and to conservative color socks with sayings but options were even more limited.

What I would give for a black sock that just says “BITE ME” on the leg.  Hidden from people at work but I know It’s there.  When I want, I can just lift my pant leg and flash a friend.  You can find socks with a pattern across the whole sock of “bite me, bite me, bite me” but that is kind of awkward when you cross your legs in a meeting and a coworker next to you has to give their opinion.

Or when that person you’re avoiding uses your socks as a conversation starter.  Now your socks are ruined.  They are no longer fun.  Every time you look at them you get the visual of Bob from the next cubicle making an awkward comment.  It’s like having food poisoning with your favorite food – you just can’t go back to them.

I want funny expressive socks that I only talk about with people I want to when I want to.

I want the satisfaction and humor of being able to pick out and put on an expressive sock each and every day. I want to find my mood or call to action for the day in my sock drawer.  I want to laugh or be inspired first thing in the morning.  It is like putting on a superhero cape for the day.

OK, maybe I love socks too much.  But I have a feeling there are a lot of people like me out there. 

One day, a friend turned to me and said, “Why don’t we just make the perfect socks?”  I first laughed but here we are today.

What is the perfect sock?

The perfect sock has to be made of the softest material, have enough stretch it can be worn comfortably all day, not fade after several washes and be strong enough to withstand a shoe rubbing a hole through the heel or big toe.  Nothing like discovering that hole while at work, your toe slipping into it while you walk, cutting off circulation or the hole at the heel peeking out for everyone to see.  Do we really need to keep back up socks in our purses?  I don’t know about you, but my purse is already full of everything I think I need but probably don’t.

We started our search at a large shoe store, felt and bought every kind of sock.  We did our own testing and found the BAMBOO SOCK!! WHAT?? Why have we never heard of this.  How does hard bamboo transform into soft, durable, sustainable and earth friendly fibers?   We found socks made from bamboo were so soft you would want to rub them on your face all day and so durable the heal did not thin. Oh AND they are naturally antibacterial, are more breathable than cotton, help battle against foot odor by absorbing moisture.  The list goes on.  We will write more about this later.

Did you know Bamboo grows 10x faster than cotton and does not require insecticides?  This means it replenishes quickly and is earth friendly to use.

Could this be the perfect material? 

Finally comfort and eco-friendly come together. 

With bamboo as our material of choice, we were off to designing.  In the first few minutes we had 47 different sayings for the perfect sock.  There was just so much to say, so many different moods and so much inspiration.  We were having way too much fun! 

A new sock company was born.  CKHC Hidden Comments Socks.  The sock for every occasion with your own secret message, just waiting to be revealed.   With a new sock coming out every month, life will never be boring again.     

We invite you to follow our journey, subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. This is all about fun, good laughs, friends and expression! 



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