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October National Holidays!


National No Bra Day October 13th 🤣


There are over 150 holidays in October alone – including food, animal, cultural, cause, fun, health, sports, career awareness days.  

You can check them all out at this link:

We went through and picked out a few that we thought were fun and listed them below. 


October 2020


1 October – International Coffee Day

2 October – World Smile Day.

6 October – World Teacher’s Day

12 October – Columbus Day or Indigenous People Day 

13 October – National No-Bra Day

14 October – National Kick Butt Day

15 October – National Grouch Day

16 October – National Boss’s Day

21 October – Back to the Future Day

23 October – National Boston Cream Pie Day

23 October – Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day

25 October – National I Care About you Day

28 October – National Chocolate Day

30 October – National Checklist Day

31 October – Halloween

We are going to work to celebrate each one – especially the National No-Bra Day and National Grouch Day. 

All joking aside, let’s warm up with October. Pick some things to celebrate this month. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday or an anniversary. Or maybe you want to make someone laugh on Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day or give treats for Halloween.  

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