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Heading back to work

This week I started back to work.  

I said goodbye to the daily yoga pants and welcomed back my slacks and black loafers. 

I got to pick my funny hidden comment soft bamboo socks each morning based on how it was going.

I started Monday with the confidence of the  I've Got This socks

Ive Got This funny bamboo work trouser socks

Tuesday I was still feeling the power with the Making Magic Happen socks 

Making Magic Happen funny bamboo work trouser socks

Wednesday I chose to take solace in what I accomplished last year with the I Survived 2020 socks.

I survived 2020 funny bamboo trouser work socks

By Thursday I was feeling it and admitted I was now a Hot Mess.

Hot Mess funny bamboo trouser work socks

Friday I really wanted the Not Talking Today socks, but of course couldn't find them so settled with Normal People Scare Me.

Normal People Scare me funny bamboo trouser work socks

And I made it through my first week.  I intend to start my next week right out of the gate with some Classy/Sassy attitude!

Hope everyone had a good week and here's to an even better next week.  Keep expressing yourself (hidden or otherwise).

Good Luck,


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