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Having fun with these Holidays in March

I love checking out all holidays each month and March is no exception with a great list Holidays.

When we think of March we think – St Patrick’s Day and First Day of Spring.  Both worthy of celebration.  But there are over 100 holidays in March. 

I am not going to list them all here but I have picked out my favorites to comment on below.

For the full list of holidays here are the links to my favorite 2 holiday websites.  They each have holidays that the other one doesn’t.

Full lists of March Holidays:


Here are some of my favorite to focus on this March -


March 17th’ – St Patrick’s Day – make sure to have your green ready.  It’s a Wednesday which is hump day at work so you may need to set an alarm so you don’t forget.    Good news is, with COVID restrictions they can not pinch you.  Bad news – to stay safe you will be drinking at home alone!

March 20th – First Day of Spring



March 9th – I think this will be my favorite day in March. 

Celebrating National Barbie Day, National Get Over it Day and National Meatball Day.

That is a fun day – good food, good attitude and good toy.

March 15th – Is True Confessions Day and Dumbstruck Day – I don’t think it’s an accident that they are on the same day.

March 18th – Awkward Moments Day – This must be celebrated.  I have plenty!

March 29th – National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day – To all of the entrepreneurs out there.  I salute you.  Its not easy keeping it going – especially this year. 



March 1st  - Share a Smile Day and World Compliment Day

Mary 3rd  -  I Want to be Happy Day

March 8th – International Women’s Day

March 16th – Everything You Do is Right Day

March 19th – National Let’s Laugh Day

March 30th – I Am In control Day

March 31st – National “She’s Funny That Way” Day – Someone worked to make this a holiday?!?  Works for me 😊


Finally, for my sock loving followers.  Make sure you are wearing your favorite HiddenComments socks on March 7th – National Be Heard Day!

 celebrate March with womens funny socks with sayings

Check out our website for great gifts for all the women in your life.  We are constantly making more products to get you laughing.  Little gifts on funny holidays is a great way to say – I’m thinking of you and keep the fun in life.

Have a Great March !!

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