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5 TIPS (and 1 warning) for getting a great Mother’s Day gift

Mother's Day is right around the corner and mothers have taken quite a hit this year.  With schools closed and activities cancelled everywhere, mothers of school aged kids have been locked in their houses going crazy. 

Whether looking for a gift for your mother or wife, in-law, or grandmother, here are some tips that won’t steer you wrong. 

TIP #1:  First thing to ask yourself, did she mention anything in the last few months that she wanted?  Did she indicate something she wished she had?  Has she brought up something more then once?  If these questions have an answer,  you know what she wants  - get it.  You've nailed it.

TIP #2: Like 95% of shoppers you may be in the position that you don’t know what she wants.  You can always just ask, but it doesn’t normally result in good gift ideas.  My husband asks me all the time and I can’t think of anything when he asks.  I know there are things I want but I just can’t remember.  Or you are in a relationship where she wants you to come up with something to show you know what she likes and are thinking of her.  At that point,  go to TIP 3.

TIP# 3: There are 3 ways to go about finding the right gift:

  1. Safe road – a cozy blanket, candles, a mug, a plant, bath bombs, a spa basket, etc. But you can only do that so many years.  If you searched for this blog you are looking for something more.
  2. Personalized road – this is a pretty good one, especially if you are thinking ahead, personalized blanket, mug, picture frame, tote bag, etc. Many of these options let you add pictures of the kids to them. You can’t go wrong and it really shows you put some thought into it.  You can get some great deals on Groupon but you have to order well in advance to get them in time.  There are hundreds of things they can put photos and names and messages on these days.  Here are some ideas for that:  Personalized items on Groupon
  3. The Funny Road – get her laughing! This is the one I recommend this year.  See TIP 4.  


TIP #4: 2021 TOP Mother’s Day TIP

I want to give you a new idea for this year.  Parenting is not always easy.  Mothers hold in a lot of stress.  A woman might not realize it but one of the most relaxing and reinvigorating things is a good laugh.  Laughter has been proven scientifically to reduce stress, heal the mind and body, and put one in a good mood. 

I wrote a separate blog on the power of laughter – you can read it here if interested.

So what makes her laugh?

Funny sayings on just about anything creates a good laugh.

So what sayings do you pick?  Is she sentimental?  Does she like inspirational quotes?  Or does some good sarcasm get her going?

I am listing below some great options. Think of her while looking through each one.  If you see her gut laughing in front of you, then buy it, you've found the gift for her. 

You can get several small things and make a basket or create a treasure hunt. Get one or two, add flowers, a gift card or her favorite bottle of wine (or all 4).  Whatever you do, just make sure you get her laughing and she will love it.

We all need a little more humor in our lives.

 1. Because it is my company and I obviously made things I think are the funniest, I am listing our high quality bamboo funny saying socks for women. We have a variety of gift boxes to choose from. We also have a line of fun magnets.  Hidden

I survived 2020 Gift box


Get up and Go gift box


Moody Moments Gift box


Funny saying magnets for women

Fun magnets


2. I checked Etsy for funny gifts for mom.  So many great ones for every kind of mom.  Click here to check them all out 

My top 5 favorites are:

Funny mug for sentimental mom

Sentimental Mom       


Funny mom gift T Shirt

   Wild mom


 Funny gift for 80's mom kitchen towels with sayings

80’s mom


Aprons for 80's mom Mothers Day gift

Another 80’s mom


Perfect T shirt Mother's Day gift for a mom of a Tween or Tween

Mom of a tween or teen


Mom appreciation mug Mother's Day Gift 

Mom appreciation


 Mom Balls T Shirt for Mothers Day Gift

Mom the defender


 Sarcastic Mom mug gift for Mother's Day

Sarcastic mom


Funny sayings candle for mothers day about financial burden 

I am expecting this one from my college student (if I put money in her account)


 Dear Mom I get it now Mothers Day gift mug

To the mom of a mom


Mothers Day gift kitchen towel with words beaters

To my amazing grandmother

Funny pencils with Grandmother swears for Mother's Day gift 

 Grandmother approved swears


OK, that was more then 5 but there are so many good ones I have to force myself to stop. Hundreds.  Pages.  I just keep laughing.  You should go through them just as a therapy.  It'll make your day.

You can also check out some funny gifts on Amazon

TIP #5:  Narrow down your search for her by adding clarifying search words like: sarcastic mom, animal lover, nurse, her specific likes, professions, hobbies, etc.  There are some hysterical pencils for pencil lovers.  You get the idea.

WARNING:  Unless the item was requested per TIP #1 above – DO NOT give cooking or cleaning products as a Mother's Day gift!  If you can’t defend it saying you knew she wanted it, it sends the wrong message especially to your wife.  Haven’t we seen this played out in enough movies and sitcoms to know its just a bad idea?

Good Luck this Mother's Day.  Let's keep our mom's laughing! 

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  • omg i wish my mom was still with me so i could buy her all of this!!!!

    Karen Berg

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