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5 Tips for Gifting for the 2020 Holidays on a Budget

What are we doing for the 2020 Holiday Season?

 That is the first thing to decide before you start getting gifts.  You may want to start a checklist and work it out as you go, or you may already know who is on your list and what you want to gift them. 

 For me, I have decided that I want to spread the love with lots of little gifts to the many people in my life.  I have a smaller budget this year and I am not going to go in debt for the Holidays.  But I also want to figure out something memorable for my immediate family to wrap up this crazy year.  

 Whatever you decide, you can start planning now so your best holiday can become a reality with the least amount of worry and stress.   

 Here are some TIPs to get your organized for the holiday season. The more organized you are the less money and time you waste.  So lets get organized!  I made a checklist you can download and write on as you go. 

Click here to get the Holiday Shopping Checklist emailed to you. 



Who are you buying for 



TIP #1 YOUR LIST:  First, who are you buying for? This is the question that goes unanswered through most of the holidays and wastes the most time.  Get this listed out.  Who ARE you buying for?  The list can be big or small.     

Here are some categories to help make sure you don't forget anyone. 

Immediate family




Extended relatives on either side - sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews



God children

God parents

Close family friends

Close friends

Medium friends you feel obligated to get something for


People who got you gifts last year

Do you have a business? Clients and/or venders

 Write down everyone you feel you might need to get something for this holiday.  You can always take the names off later, but you won’t be thinking the whole season “I feel like I forgot someone”.



 Categories of gifting

TIP #2 CATAGORIZE: Take the list of names from above and separate them into these categories.  You can always add more categories if you wish.  This is just a guide to get you started. 

Category 1 – Large gifts or multiple gifts

Category 2 – One gift

Category 3 – Small gift

Category 4 – Holiday Card and maybe a treat.



  all the people to gift for

TIP #3 GIFT IDEAS:  Now next to each name you are going to note down any ideas you have for each person.  Things you know they like, things that match their sense of humor, hobbies, etc. 

 In the Holiday Shopping checklist I added a list of great gift ideas on a budget.   Click here to get the PDF emailed to you.



 Thinking of gifting ideas

TIP #4 KEEP THINKING:  You can start this list and keep coming back to it with more ideas or names until you feel it is complete.  You will find you start thinking of ideas or seeing good gifts for people all around once you start making the list.    Make sure you note down people and ideas on your list as soon as you think of them.  This way, you won't forget and you won't be trying to remember your last idea.

You will be amazed, when you get everything down on a list, how much calmer you feel about the season.  You are not worrying about who you are forgetting anymore.  



 Pear it down

TIP #5  PEAR IT DOWN: At first you may feel overwhelmed at your huge list.  You can take people off or change them to different categories, but getting everything listed will give you the chance to work out how you are going to do gifting this season and how you are going to stay on budget.

This is when you evaluate what you are doing for this holiday season.  Are you giving something to all of these people?  Who is not mandatory?  How far do you really need to go?  You always have the option of a card and a treat for some of them.  Work it out until you feel good about it. 

You can start shopping if you want and just highlight each person as you finish them.   Or you can wait and do it all at once. Save up for Black Friday or another great sales day but make sure you grab my Holiday Shopping Checklist as I listed my favorite gift ideas and ways to save with amazing gifts on a budget.  Look this over before you finish TIP #5.


Now you are organized and ready for your 2020 gifting season!

Get your free Holiday Shopping Checklist and great gift ideas by clicking here now!

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